The Jeep Gladiator is the most capable gas-powered towing vehicle in the segment and with the introduction of the Mopar Trailer Brake Controller system, towing 7,650 pounds is safer and easier.

The Jeep Gladiator is the only truck in the mid-sized segment with a removable top and it is also the one gas-powered truck in the segment that will tow 7,650 pounds. In towing nearly four tons, the Gladiator is as capable as some half-ton trucks, but half-ton tow vehicles have one distinct advantage. They are all available with an integrated trailer brake controller, but the Gladiator is not. The mid-sized Jeep pickup will stop a 7,650-pound trailer without it, but utilizing a trailer’s electric braking system makes towing safer and easier.

Fortunately, the folks at Mopar have just introduced a trailer brake controller for the Jeep Gladiator that mounts in the center console with a factory-equipped fit and finish.

“At Mopar, we continue to expand our comprehensive Jeep portfolio, which includes more than 500 factory-backed, quality-tested parts and accessories,” said Mark Bosanac, Head of Mopar Service, Parts and Customer Care, FCA – North America. “Our new trailer brake controller improves Jeep Gladiator’s braking efficiency and maximizes safety when towing.”

Jeep Gladiator Trailer Brake Controller

The Mopar Trailer Brake Controller mounts in the lower portion of the center stack of the dashboard, in the spot where the cigarette lighter/power point is located from the factory. This unit can be ordered at the time of purchased and installed at the dealership, but those Gladiator owners who already have their truck can buy it from their local dealership parts department. In either case, it costs $299 and it includes a wiring harness that connects to the 7-pin connector in the bumper that comes as part of the trailer tow package.

The controller uses a knob to adjust the brake pressure gain, allowing you to properly balance the braking force of each trailer and load. The system works automatic with the function of the brake pedal. The higher numeric setting yields more brake force, but like the Gladiator’s brakes, this system applies the electronic trailer brakes progressively. This system makes braking easier, but it also helps to take the load off of the braking system of the truck.

Prior to this unit being offered by Mopar, Gladiator owners would have to turn to the aftermarket to make use of electric trailer brakes. Those systems work well, but they don’t mount cleanly in the dashboard like this new Mopar piece. If you want the factory fitment from your integrated trailer brake controller, the Mopar unit is the answer.