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Aldo said:
I work in the South Bay side of Los Angeles, which is a predominantly import-area. We are surrounded by the Toyota and Honda campuses --and Nissan HQ used to be down the street. There are many Japanese companies based here, which brings a lot of Japanese ex-pats, so the vehicle choices in this area tends to reflect that.

But in the four years I have been working here, one colleague traded in his 2005 Acura TL for a 2013 JKUR; another colleague that transferred from our Germany HQ to our Detroit office got a used 2009 JKUR, which he eventually traded for a new 2013 JKUR, and yet another colleague, also in our Detroit office, just traded his 2011 Camaro for a new 2013 JKUR.

Who says Jeep needs Cherokee to conquest customers from other brands! LOL
Whoa! Just noticed this ...

Kon nichi wa !!

Dude, I grew up in Gardena, just north of Torrance. That was my haunt in early years. I concur with the Japanese ex-Pats.

Gardena was, roughly 1969-ish, more densely populated with Japanese-heritage home owners and business owners than was Tokyo at that time. But I digress.

My brother works as a sub-contractor for a contractor hired by Honda, and whose satellite office is situated directly in Honda's main office. ( I know, it's a long explanation ).

Small world, though :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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