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More brake hose replacement

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Getting the truck ready to do a long haul half way across the country and back. Dropped the spare and while looking around at things I noticed the center brake hose going from the axle to the frame was very questionable @ the frame end where its the metal fitting crimped to the rubber hose and the hard line screwed into it. Touched it and a pile of rust flakes formed on the driveway... Grasped it and gave it a good firm flex and agitation, felt a crunchy feeling as the rotten metal was failing. Hit all three threaded connections with PB blaster and through working the wrench back and forth I was able to save the hardlines and not get into replacing those. Parts store had the hose in stock for $13 out the door and a new locking tab for $2.

The quality of the components used on this truck have been a HUGE let down and this is just another one for the strike count. The brake hoses on my Shadow are absolutely as original as the day they were installed 18.5 years ago now and have never had issues with falling apart. I suppose its because the hose ends on the Shadows hoses are made from solid brass and not cheaper unplated steel like this hose apparently was. Both front hoses in the truck were replaced just about 2 years ago because of similar failures where on the drivers side the hose actually broke apart in the driveway.

Just before I forget. The truck in mention here is a 2002 1500 Quad-cab with currently 121,000 miles on it.