After running into an array of bad information after we published our first piece on the bulletproof, all-wheel-drive Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat from Armormax, we reached out to the Utah-based protection company for more information. Armormax president Mark Burton was quick to reply and answer our questions, putting to bed all of the bad information being spread around Facebook.

Mind you, we don’t technically have any new information, but having talked with the head of the company, we are able to dispel all of the nonsense being spread online. Today, we bring you the correct information for each of the key bits of bad information, having confirmed this information with the head of the company.

Bad Fact #1 – The Armormax Hellcat Charger is only available to police or government officials

We don’t know where this one came from, as many outlets did a piece on the Armormax-modified Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, but some people who disputing our initial information insisted that this package was only available to government officials, police and other non-civilian entities. As many of you already know, that claim is ridiculous and the head of Armormax explained that any American citizen can have their Hellcat Charger bulletproofed by this company. He did point out that in some foreign countries, there are rules against having a bulletproof car, but in the USA, anyone with a Hellcat Charger can have Armoxmax make it impenetrable to high-powered rifles.

While it is designed to handle the rigors of police and government use, it is not restricted to government use in any way.

Bad Fact #2 – All-Wheel-Drive is fake news

Wrong again, internet know-it-alls. Although some people insisted that the all-wheel-drive portion of this package was fake information being spread around for publicity, we confirmed that there is an all-wheel-drive option with this armoring package.

Burton explained that while they do offer an optional all-wheel-drive package, it can only be added to the fully-armored car. In other words, a Hellcat Charger owner can’t drop the car off at Armormax for a high performance AWD package unless they plan to buy the armor as well. After all, Armormax is building security vehicles, not race cars.

Burton would not go into detail on the AWD conversion, but he pointed out that the AWD components are provided by a third party. They are not FCA parts, so those folks speculating that they are using Trackhawk parts are incorrect. While we don’t have details on the parts, it is safe to guess that the AWD components are heavy duty parts designed for security vehicles, not high-performance parts designed to go racing, so they would be less-than-ideal for someone looking to build an AWD Hellcat Charger race car.

Bad Fact #3 – The AWD Hellcat Charger weighs at least 6,000lbs

So, while we weren’t able to pin down an actual weight due to the many different options with the Armormax Hellcat Charger build program, the car isn’t going to be as heavy as many people expect. Remember, Armormax uses special composites for the interior armor rather than mounting heavy steel plates in the doors, so while it is going to be heavier than a basic Hellcat Charger – the Armormax composite material is considerably lighter than old-school steel plating.

Bad Fact #4 – The package costs upwards of $100,000

When speaking with Mark Burton of Armormax, I wasn’t able to tie down an exact price for the bulletproof Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat because the list of options and features is so long that the price varies from one custom to the next. In our previous report, we talked about the bulletproof cabin, the protective glass, the protection applied to other parts of the car (gas tank, engine cooling system) and a few options like the bomb blanket, but below is a list of the options that can be added to the Armormax-modified Hellcat Charger. Keep in mind that with all of these options, there is also varying levels of bulletproof protection, the optional all-wheel-drive system and other things that can lead to a different price for each customer.

In other words, since the pricing varies so much from car to car, Burton doesn’t discuss pricing openly, instead handling pricing on a case by case basis. This means that all of the prices being discussed online are simply people taking a guess, so those numbers should be taken with a grain of salt.

Options for the Hellcat Charger and every other Armormax vehicle (when applicable):
Bulletproof Glass
Runflat Tires
High Powered Rifle Protection
Electrified Door Handles
Siren PA with Horn Options
Strobe Lights
Radiator Protection
Blinding Lights
Ram Bumpers
Smoke Screen Cloak
Operable Windows
Tailgate Grill - Anti Theft
Intercom System
Kill switch
Tack dispenser
Gas masks
Entertainment System
Starry Night (ceiling upgrade)
Handgun protection
Bomb blast security upgrade

So, if you have a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and you fear that armed assassins are coming for you, give Armormax a call for exact pricing for all of the features that you need to stay safe.

Of course, a big thanks to Mark Burton for taking the time to answer my questions.