The fifth and final event of the 2017 Modern Street Hemi Shootout was held last weekend at ATCO Dragway, with a huge group of racers, good air, and the stickiest track that the MSHS has had, leading to an incredible collection of races.

Those variables made the Hemituner Performance ATCO Modern Street HEMI Shootout one of the best of the year, with some of the quickest Mopar racing action that we have seen over the course of the 2017 season.

As you might expect, racing in New Jersey in November comes with cool temperatures, which has both its upsides and its downsides. The key upside is that in cooler air, these Hemi engines make bigger power, but the downside is that cooler air temperatures lead to cooler track temperatures. Cooler track temperatures lead to more traction problems, especially considering the fact that the cars are all making more power than usual.

To battle those traction issues and to allow drivers to make the most of their cool-weather power, the MSHS contracted the traction experts at Mass Traction to handle the surface prep. As a result, the track was as sticky as it has been all season even with the cooler air, setting up some fantastic drag racing. That special track prep was made possible by the following series sponsors:
Authentic Performance
American Muscle Performance
Hemituner Performance
Demon Performance
Legmaker Intakes
Eastcoast Moparts
High Horse Performance
DTP Racing
OC Performance
BFNY Performance
Chris Dufresne
Autocomplete Mobile Detailing
Greg Davies

The classes at the Demon Performance-sponsored MSHS Virginia Motorsports Park Event included:
Eastcoast Moparts – Bracket – Dial-In
Demon Performance – Super Pro – Heads Up, Run 8s to Be Competitive
ThiTek – Pro – 9.50 index
True Street Performance – Modified – 10.50 index
Legmaker Intakes – Super Stock – 11.50 index
RK Motors – Street – 12.50 index
High Horse Performance – Hellcat Shootout – heads
#Bad_Ass_Official and VanDrake Racing $5,000 King of the Hill – Class winners – Dial-In

Class-by-Class Rundown from ATCO:
In the EastCoast Moparts Bracket class, Charles Augustine and his 1971 Dart knocked off Geoff Bracken and his 2007 Dodge Charger. Augustine ran an 11.59 on an 11.57 dial, but his .019 reaction time played the biggest part in his winning run as Bracken was closer to his dial-in, but he slept at the line, giving the win to the classic Mopar with modern power.

In the RK Motors Street class (12.50 index), Gary Sanders and his 2017 Dodge Challenger once again headed to the finals, this time to take on William Cocoma and his 2008 Chrysler 300C. Sanders pulled a wicked .002 reaction time and he ran a 12.54 while Cocoma had to break out in an effort to make up for the huge disadvantage on the starting line – running a 12.364 after a .173 reaction time.

In the Legmaker Intakes Super Stock class (11.50 index), Jeff Feiler and his 1972 Plymouth took on Charles Augustine and his 1971 Dart. The reaction times were similar (Feiler .030, Augustine .050), but when the ’72 Plymouth ran an 11.509 in the 11.50 class, he took the win over Augustine’s 11.57.

In the True Street Performance Modified class (10.50 index), Justin Skudder and his 2006 Dodge Charger (above) took on Geoff Bracken and his 2007 Charger. Skudder pulled a kill .005 reaction time and ran a 10.505, beating Bracken’s 10.524 (.051 RT).

In the ThiTek Pro class (9.50 index), Brian Brunt and his Wicked Jeep Grand Cherokee took on Marcus Hughes in his equally-wicked Jeep. Although Hughes held the starting line advantage (.087 to .128), his 10.06 wasn’t enough to outrun Brunt, who ran a 9.763 in the 9.50 index class.

In the Demon Performance Super Pro class (heads up, no index), the final round was a pair of monster Jeeps going head to head, with one driven by Dino Erickson and the other driven by Jimmy Koutsoubis. Koutsoubis pulled the quicker ET, running an awesome 8.978 at 155.58 miles per hour, but he redlit, giving the win to Erickson, who ran a 9.003 at 156.97mph.

In the High Horse Performance Hellcat Shootout (heads up, no dial), the two quickest Hellcat Challengers in the world went head to head, with Josh Schwartz and TopCat taking on Leon Epling in the Elping Garage 007 Challenger. The Epling Challenger is the quickest manual transmission Hellcat in the world while TopCat is the quickest automatic Hellcat car and the quickest overall in the world. This race was literally a matchup of the two best-performing Hellcat cars in the world and they didn’t disappoint. After the two drivers pulled nearly identical reaction times (.192 for TopCat, .184 for 007), Schwartz ran a 9.367 to Elping’s 9.479, allowing the white Hellcat Challenger of the late John Tout to take the final Hellcat class run of the 2017 season.

Finally, the #Bad_Ass_Official and VanDrake Racing $5,000 King of the Hill class pitted the winners of every other class head-to-head with the dial-in system. ThiTek Pro class winner Brian Brunt and his Jeep faced off against Justin Skudder and his 2006 Dodge Charger, with the Jeep taking the win and the $5,000 check.

Some other winners from the Virginia stop of the 2017 Modern Street Hemi Shootout schedule include the following:The A2Speed Best Reaction Time Award – Jimmy Koutsoubis – .003
The Orthopedic Spine Care of Long Island Best ET Award – Todd Barber – 8.54
The Nitrous Outlet Best 60 Foot Award – Greg Davies – 1.29
The Gary Rhudy Best Package Award – Justin Skudder – .010
Cabinet Factory of Delaware Hard Luck Award – Gary Rhudy

Finally, on the behalf of the event organizers, the racers and the entire Mopar community, we have to give a shout out to all of the sponsors who helped make this event happen:Series Title Sponsors:
The Driveshaft Shop
Hemituner Performance

Event Title Sponsor:
Hemituner Performance

Class Sponsors:
#bad_ass_official & VanDrake Racing – King of the Hill
Demon Performance – Super Pro
ThiTek – Pro
True Street Performance – Modified
Legmaker Intakes – Super Stock
RK Motors – Street
High Horse Performance – Hellcat
East Coast MoParts – Bracket
Stanley Performance & Jonz HVAC 2nd Chance

Associate Sponsors:
Stage 6 Motorsports
Southern Hotrod
Nitrous Outlet
Orthopedic Spine Care of Long Island
OC Performance
Hall Automotive
Cabinet Factory
Z Automotive
BFNY Performance
G3 Performance Products
Authentic Performance
American Racing Solutions
Professional Auto Collision
DTP Racing
American Racing Solutions
Gearhead Fabrications
Mass Acceleration Motorsports
Gary Rhudy Motorsports
American Muscle Performance
Per4mance Development
Autocomplete Mobile Detailing
Livernois Motorsports
Brunt Associates
Newton Crane Roofing
JerseyBoy Tuning
MotorCity Detail
Dairy Queen of Walled Lake
Michigans Best Entertainment
Detroit Muscle

All images courtesy of the drivers of the vehicles. More images will be added as they are submitted.