For the third year in a row, the ThiTek Hemi’Nsanity event of the Modern Street Hemi Shootout event was held in Milan, Michigan For the second year in a row, it  was hindered by rain, but this year, the crummy weather held off long enough for the drivers to get in hours of great racing action. As a result, some classes finished, some classes split the winnings (money and points) and some classes had their winnings pushed forward to the next event.

As planned, the cars, trucks and Jeeps hit the track at Milan on the morning of Friday, August 17 th , but after maybe 10 pairs of vehicles tore down the quarter mile, it started to rain a little. Then it started to rain a lot, forcing the drivers to move their cars back to the garage area as spectators headed for shelter. We all spent the next hour or so hanging out in the garage area, moving from tent to tent, talking with other Mopar racers and generally making the best of the bad weather. That is one of the best things about the MSHS – it is a big group of people who are competing for big money, but who all display a common respect and camaraderie when they aren’t at the starting line.

As a nice surprise, former Dodge boss and current Maserati/Alfa Romeo head Tim Kuniskis came out to watch the racing action, but during the rain delay, he spent the time talking to the Mopar racers on hand.

Shortly after noon, the rain stopped, the sun came out and the track crew at Milan got to work in drying out the track. By roughly 1pm, the cars were back in the lanes, but with a threat of rain later in the day, Dan VanHorn and the track team made sure to get vehicles to the line and down the track as quickly as possible. Over the course of the next 4-5 hours, some of the quickest modern Hemi-powered machines stormed down the track with many cars in the 8 and 9 second range.

The field raced through several rounds of time trials and qualifiers, getting into the elimination rounds between 4 and 5pm. Unfortunately, sometime around 6pm, the skies turned dark and the rain started back up, ending the racing action for the day. Some of the classes were able to finish up while others, so we will break up the results differently than usual.

The classes at the MSHS Milan Event included:
* Demon Performance Super Pro Class – Heads Up, Run 8s to Be Competitive
* ThiTek Pro Class –  9.50 index
* True Street Performance Modified Class – 10.50 index
* Legmaker Intakes Super Stock Class – 11.50 index
* Gearhead Fabrications Street Class – 12.50 index
* East Coast MoParts Pentastar Bracket Class – Bracket Dial-In
* High Horse Performance Hellcat Shootout – 10.00 index
* A2Speed Demon – Heads Up
* Authentic Performance Rookie Class – Bracket Dial-In
* Whipple Superchargers King of the Hill – Bracket Dial-In

Class-By-Class Rundown from MIlanFirst, three classes were able to finish up before the rain, including Demon Performance Super Pro, High Horse Performance Hellcat Shootout and A2Speed Demon.

In the Demon Performance Super Pro class, Josh King and his incredible twin turbo Duster took on Stephen Rimay in his wheelstanding Road Runner. King pulled a better reaction time and cruised to victory, coasting through with a 9.412 to Rimay’s 9.931.

In the High Horse Performance Hellcat Shootout, **** Broughton took the class win by winning his first round with a 10.174, so with the closest run to the 10.00 class index, his red Challenger took the win.

In the A2Speed Demon class, David Shatzer was the only competitor, so he got to cruise down the track with an 11.07 at 126 miles per hour after running in the 10s during time trials, taking the easy win.

Next, two classes got to the semi-finals, so the winnings – both money and points – were pooled and divided up among the semi-finalists.

In the ThiTek Pro class, Greg Davies, Brian Brunt, Jon Deter and Jonathan Arancibia split the winnings after advancing to the semis.

In the True Street Performance Modified class, it was Nate Farrell, Erik Storms, Ron Palidora Chris Dufresne who split the money and points. By the way, Dufresne still hasn’t lost a round in the Modified class this season.

Finally, five classes didn’t get to the semi-finals, so there were too many drivers remaining to split the winnings. As a result, the points and money (if applicable) will be carried over to the Virginia event next month. Those classes include Legmaker Intakes Super Stock, Gearhead Fabrications Street, East Coast MoParts Pentastar Bracket, Authentic Performance Rookie Class and, of course, the Whipple Superchargers King of the Hill. As a result, there were be more than $18,000 is cash awarded at the Virginia event late next month.

Finally, after the rain slowed the fun on Friday, the MSHS display was among the best at the Woodward Dream Cruise on Saturday and you can read more about that by clicking here .

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Modified Class – True Street Performance
Super Stock Class – Legmaker Intakes
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Pentastar Bracket Class – East Coast MoParts
Hellcat Shootout – High Horse Performance
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