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My '66 Dart Convertible RHD in Mopar Action Feb '13

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Small article but hey, its still cool :)

Thanks to Andy for scanning this article for me (We dont get Mopar Action Mag in Malaysia)

Here goes:


PS: I like the writer's sarcasm
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I used to buy M.A. faithfully between about 1989 and 2005 but then I noticed too many redundant topics and a general progression to the newest generation models. So, one week ago I purchase my first issue in 7 years and first thing I notice is the price of $7.99 (CDN). Yikes! But, this being the FEB. '13 issue I did not see your ragtop resto article until today. Yes, I did follow the forum blog but, as some of you may know by now, I am not usually on this site for more than about once a month. As far as (your '66) project, the main thing I admire is the nearly 100% originality. Some people would take such a car and put 40 grand into it, (with signature being EFI - 392 crate) and then trailer it to several dozen car shows per season and get a room full of trophies. Your car is capable of getting many trophies for the rather paltry $10,000.? investment, plus, you can drive it to every car show. (of course more-so if in North America). What is the point of having (any) car if you cannot drive it? With my own (Signet) I have 'invested' only $1000. to this day and, with engine rebuild and replacement wheels, that total will be doubled. But, alas, I will win no trophies but will drive it and LOVE it. *Happy Holidays* :3rd:
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