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my car drives sideways

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I have a 73 dodge dart swinger just been told that it drives sideways down the road. my drivers side tire sticks out farther than the passenger side. I have not one clue as to why except one torsion bar on drivers is turn all the way in and the passenger side is all the way out did this to raise the drivers side but didnt make much change. it steers straight down the road dont even have to touch the wheel car has been aligned and it has hit a telephone pole on the passenger side, also my leaf springs are barely curved. I just have no clue on suspension and no one to help me, its my only car to drive. any feedback to get me pointed in the right direction would help
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I actually have had "doglegging", I needed new bushings for the front spring eyes on my '78 Chrysler Cordoba. Old ones were messed up, and that car had really big, oval-shaped spring eyes to make the ride better.
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