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My car is back home, BUT... ARGH!

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Oh yeah, get my car back home yesterday late afternoon. Drive up to barn in it at dusk, turned the headlights on. Headlights would not pop up. I tried and tried and tried. Then, found out my HORN does not work!!!! All this worked before they took the dashboard off to fix the heater core. Now I have to call them on Monday and give them the bad news they obviously did not hook things back up right! I am soooo disgusted!!! What do you think they did to it??? :(

Off on a road trip to look at a garage kept well taken care of GMC yukon slt 1997 to replace the abused 99 tahoe my husband found at auction in the fall. Keeping fingers crossed that this GMC will do okay till we ever can afford a newer used SUV that can pull my horse trailer (I MISS my 05 tahoe!!!!!).
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Oh meant to reply to this months ago. The headlights came back to life later. My dad thinks when they had the dash board out that some moisture got on some contacts which caused the problem. Luckily it was nothing at all, whew! These older vehicles sure do keep you on your toes!


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