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artsybob said:
While on vacation in Toronto I decided to bring my Challenger for one reason: to pose it in front of the Brampton plant to (I know this may sound silly, but hey it's Allpar) celebrate where my car was made. So here it is, my car coming all the way from suburban Washington DC now cruising down Williams Parkway

Other observations i made about visiting Ontario:

1) I saw only three other Challengers in its home province: One on the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway near Kingston, one in downtown Toronto, and one on the QEW near Hamilton. Then it dawned on me that being RWD doesn't make it very suitable for Canadian winters- I don't know about Ontario, but there are lots of Challengers here in Manitoba and we get worse winters than southern Ontario......
2) It seemed like every fifth car was a Dodge Grand Caravan. There was at least one in every parking lot we were at- Absolutely.....Rams,Grand Caravans are everywhere.
3) Tim Horton's is everywhere, including one right next to my hotel and one right next to Niagara Falls- Did you stay in a hotel in Niagara Falls?
4) As a Washington DC area native, I was amused to see a Five Guys right there in Brampton. It's funny to see our our own homegrown restaurant chains have even infiltrated Canada- The first in Canada I believe opened in my city, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Nice photo op for sure. :thumbsup: Hope your vacation was fun!!!
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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