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Dave said:
The funny thing is I was just there but due to timing missed Brampton! We spent too much time getting to Guelph to visit Wellington Motors, and my kids wanted to hit the Ontario Science Center before it closed. I wish I'd timed thi8ngs better.

Tim Horton's is everywhere. Donuts better than Dunkin' but "real foods" could use work ;)

Dang, things are expensive in Toronto. Crazy pricing except for the ferry.

I saw almost no LX cars but a lot of other Mopars and far fewer imports.

Was it just me or is every German car driver in Toronto and vicinity insane?
Hey that means you were close by here - I'm just outside of Guelph - ordered my Challenger through Wellington. Just curious - what was the attraction to see at Wellington Motors?
Been to a few shows at the Brampton plant few years ago but never been inside. 3 out of 6 vehicles in our driveway made there including my die hard '95 Intrepid beater.
Yes Canada the land of the inflated and higher taxes. :(
The minivan and the ram are I think 2 of the 5 top sellers in Canada - certainly #1 and #2 for Mopar as I recall.
There are quite a few Chargers around of various model years - but I agree not so many Challengers - less practical I guess. My Charger is not bad in the snow as long as you leave the traction control on - turn it off and it becomes more fun than the intrepid but not as stable for sure.
Surprised you say fewer imports... too many for my liking.
Lots of insane drivers in Toronto area period - really have to watch it on the bike - and lots of bimmers, audi's and VWs - bimmers were the yuppy car for many years - now shifting to Audi's and Mercedes - there are quite a few German (and European) heritage people around these parts too (me included - but never cared for their cars - I find they lack creative styling).
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