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My "NEW" 1991 Chrysler New Yorker 5th Avenue!

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I bought the car!

It's a white one, and its in beautiful, 1-owner condition... no major damage to speak of on the body, no body rust, and nice shiny paint. Only a few door dings here and there, to be expected... 122k miles. Trans was rebuilt in 2002 by Chrysler.

Beautiful, immaculate gray cloth interior in excellent condition "like new." Automatic climate control works perfectly, nice suspension, shocks maybe a little tired, engine runs excellent... giving the car a tune-up and oil change this evening.

The front end has a little wiggle, maybe axle shafts? Also the brake light in the cluster will come on when you shut the car off if you do not depress the E-Brake (backwards of how it works normally when the car is on...) so, weird electrical problem. I will try a new cluster and see if that works. For now, by depressing the E-brake, the light will not come on when the car is off... it's killed the battery a few times, so this will at least avoid that for the time being.

More pictures should come soon.

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Sweet! Mopar rebuilt tranny is a big plus for sure.

I'd jack up one side in front and try to wiggle the tires back and forth, then up and down. Could be some wear in the ball joints or inner tie rod ends.

E-brake light should not do that. At all. It's probably not the cluster... I would pull the BCM (behind passenger kick panel) and look for water in there. If the cowl drains have been plugged at any point and water comes in the fresh air intake, it ends up in the BCM too. Anyway, that's what looks at the e-brake switch and decides to turn the light on.
What size engine?
The car has a 3.3L engine. I just finished a full tune-up with wires and plugs, breather filter and air filter, and tonight I'll check the power steering fluid and change it out as well.. the steering is a little noisy and stiff.

I figure if the wires were dang near original (1992!) than there's a good possibility that the previous owners never had the power steering fluid changed either!

Oh, and two things seemed to have worked themselves out just by driving the car. The BRAKE light in the cluster no longer comes on while the car is off (although I'm not writing that problem off right away...), and a squeaky pulley that was once noisy is now silent... so that's great!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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