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In Oct I picked up my first Daytona. It's a blue 89 Daytona Shelby 2.5 turbo none intercooled.Automatic with only 77.000 miles on it.
It has beed parked sence 98 when the owner wrecked it and then tryed to drive it home with a busted radiator.Well I guss you know what happed.It ended up at my friends shop to get fixed.Thay put the new front clip on the car and painted it.sent the head in and started to put the moter back togaither when she calls and tells them that she decided to just buy another car.
So there it seat.My buddy stuck with a car he didn't wont and one he didn't think was worth anything.

In Oct my friend calls me up and ask if I have found a car yet?(I was looking for a cheap car for the winter do to my othere car being a 79 olds 442 not good in snow or gas)I told him I have not and he says well I have that little blue car in the back of the shop if you wont it.I ask well whats wrong with it and how much?(I have no ideal what the car is at this point)He says well it just needs to be put back togaither ever thing is there,and if I would just pay him for the parts he has in it witch is 800 dollers.I told him I would stop by and take a look at it.
I stopped in on a friday.becouse thats when I get payed. He told me it was in the back of the shop and we walked back there .The first thing I noticed was about 2 inchs of dirt setting on the car then the Shelby on the side of the car under the dirt.Poped the hood and the only thing missing was the radiator.So I asked and he said O its in the trunk new in the box. so I poped the trunk and there was the radiator and about haft of anothere daytona.I payed him for the car and he told me I can work on it there If I wonted to. So with in afew weeks I had it running again. new starter,water pump,Timing belt,Battery and a fuel pump.
Been driving it for the last few weeks.everthing is just a little gummed up from sitting so long.And the turbo is stuck wipe open.its boosting 3 psi at idle.I feel everone in on everthing as I figger it out.I'll try and get some picks of it this week for everone.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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