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My PT 05 2.2crd ltd won't start

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Hi All im new here but this seems the best port of call with my problem.

I have a 2005 crd none turbo and it broke on me last night in the shopping carpark. It will not turn over at all i get the click but no turn over but i also get the main beam light on on the dash and the front fog lights come on as soon as i turn the key, there not turned on ????.

i sat waiting on the brakedown and he had no problems on his computer, we tried a jump start nothing agian he tried to get power direct to the starter but the lack of room he could not get to it. tried light tapping the starter nothing but a little shake of the wires we got a split second life.

i know it sound like a bad wire but checking today there fine, the car starts 1 turn of the key sweet as a nut when it dose fire up.

i only got going by bump starting it

any help please ?