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NASCAR News & Discussion

It's been awhile since a dedicated topic existed for NASCAR discussion on Allpar. This topic is purely for news and discussion! 2021 has been an admittedly exciting year for NASCAR with a ton of changes and a lot of great storylines. So let's have some fun, strap up, and have some good-natured discussion on the sport.

This isn't the topic to bemoan and decry the sport. So hopefully we have some good NASCAR fans here ready to talk.

The topic is for the Cup Series, Xfinity Series, Camping World Truck Series and any local racing. Pretty much anything NASCAR related you want to talk about. :)
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I left the sport after Dodge left but was reintroduced by SlapShoes excellent YouTube Videos on the history on the sport. That got me hooked on Dale Jr's podcast and the interesting people like Evernham being interviewed (which brings me back to Dodge). Since then I'm tacitly paying attention, seeing how Brad K is doing.

Wondering if and when Larson gets a real sponsor. He has 2 wins.
Hendrick is interesting to me. The 5 is basically self funded by Hendrick because of Larson's behavior last season. The 48 is sponsored by Ally which used to be known as GMAC which has a long standing relationship with Hendrick (So effectively the GM factory team). I don't know how much money Liberty University is paying to be on the 24, but apparently Byron was the one who pulled that in. So that leaves Dupont (Axalta), and all the Chase Elliot Sponsors (Hooters, Napa, etc). Hendrick is a marketing monster in the sport and IMO it seems like they're hobbling together sponsorship. Penske is a mess with sponsorship and I don't know how Roush and Childress are pulling it off. I can hardly recognize any of the cars. It'll be interesting when the Nextgen cars come out.
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Anyone listened to Jr's podcast with Bill Davis? Unlike Chip a few weeks ago, Bill seems to be happy throwing everyone under the bus. Not a lot of nice things to say about Dodge.
Such as??
Its quite a bit. I'm not gonna summarize the whole podcast.

Claims of Dodge's blocks cracking when he was getting them and him having to get Catepillar to build his blocks for him.
Dodge lacking experience in NASCAR which made them not competitive.
Prioritizing Ray Evernham's team
He does say that he had a separate building with separate people for the Toyota truck team, but then contradicts himself and says his CFO was shared between the two teams.
He says after they lost the suit with Dodge, Toyota paid him the money that he had to pay Dodge for breach of contract.

One thing I wasn't aware of was supposedly Jeff Gordon was supposed to go to Dodge with Ray. That's the first I'm hearing of that.

I very much got the impression that he was playing himself as a victim in a lot of cases. Jeff leaving for Hendrick, the breach of contract with Dodge, Pontiac not being competitive. etc.
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Here's the video.

IMO the story doesn't jive with what I remember of the era.
Well the discussion that there was 3 teams when Dodge came back to the sport was bewildering to me because IIRC, there were 5.
Evernham, Melling, Petty, Ganassi, Bill Davis. Penske wouldn't join until 2003.

The idea that the blocks were cracking right from Dodge also seems bizarre to me considering Ganassi didn't say anything about that a few weeks ago and Ganassi and Evernham were on fire for the beginning of the 00's.

There is a point in the podcast too where Dale and Bill admit that new manufacturers need to "pay their dues" before they can be competitive in the Cup Series. Implying that Dodge was in hostile territory joining NASCAR in the early 00's.
Well Bill Davis also sold Dodge trade secrets when Toyota joined the series... so there was a reason Dodge dropped manufacturer support on him like a hot potato.... It's not a two way street Bill Davis...
"But it was a separate LLC in a separate building" -Bill Davis /sarc
Here's a throwback scheme I bet everyone could appreciate. I don't think he's done a throw back to this era yet. Interesting what he says about this car and his career.
In relation to the Bill Davis interview... good old Ward Burton of the famous 22 CAT Dodge had this to say after watching the interview.

"Yeah. I’m smiling after listening to the lies that were told. One day soon I’ll explain the truth about it all. " - Ward Burton

Well. That is interesting. Ward's been on there before. I'd love to hear him come back.
1. They Ryan Newman scheme puzzles me because Rick Ware had Mobil 1 on the 15 earlier in the season. Couldn't convince Mobil 1 to jump on the 51 for a race?
2. The 43 has me shook. Look at the quarter panel where it would normally say Plymouth by Petty. "by Gallagher"? Holy crap! Petty probably has every right to be annoyed. There's not enough room for all those egos in the building.
I understand he's footing the bill but he's also bought into a team that had a pedigree. It's clear now that he bought into the team to get easy access to a team. Any team. He clearly doesn't see value in the Petty brand. Even if it said "by Legacy" I would have thought it made more sense.
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