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NASCAR News & Discussion

It's been awhile since a dedicated topic existed for NASCAR discussion on Allpar. This topic is purely for news and discussion! 2021 has been an admittedly exciting year for NASCAR with a ton of changes and a lot of great storylines. So let's have some fun, strap up, and have some good-natured discussion on the sport.

This isn't the topic to bemoan and decry the sport. So hopefully we have some good NASCAR fans here ready to talk.

The topic is for the Cup Series, Xfinity Series, Camping World Truck Series and any local racing. Pretty much anything NASCAR related you want to talk about. :)
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Prove me wrong..........

Best Nascar driver ever.......Kyle Busch

58 Cup wins
98 X-Finity wins
61 Truck wins

Nobody else comes close !!!!!
As much as I dislike KB, I do give him credit for those wins and that he is a talented driver.

Yes, The King has 200 wins at the Grand National/Cup level, but many of those wins were against severely underfunded teams. Many of today's teams in the Xfinity and Cup series are well funded and are not easy to win against.

Just got back from going to the Coca-Cola 600. The pre-race ceremony honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom was awesome. The most solemn moments were the Bagpipe playing of Amazing Grace, Taps and the Moment of Silence at the halfway point of the race. After the 2nd stage was complete, the pace car led the cars down pit road where they were stopped and turned off their engines. A moment of silence was then observed. You could have heard a pin drop.

HMS continues to steamroll. Larson won with Elliott 2nd, Byrum 4th and Bowman 5th. Only KB's 3rd place finish prevented another HMS 1-2-3-4 sweep. Gibbs can barely keep up and Penske is nowhere to be found. RFR and SH are struggling though Buescher had a top 10 finish.

This season has been interesting. Eleven different winners with 12 races to go before the playoffs. Will there be more than 16? Several winners from last year have yet to score a win this year - Harvick and Hamlin in particular.

Lot more road races to go this season - Sonoma, Road America, Mid-Ohio, the Roval and Watkins Glen.
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It was a fantastic ceremony. I watched it on tv. How cool that you were there! That is awesome. The Bagpipe ceremony was fantastic... I think a little 'sweat' came from my eyes. I love the Patriotism of this sport. May it never change so help us God.
There were some other things not shown on TV. Two Army Blackhawk helicopters flew over the back stretch, circled over turns three and four and landed on the infield near the stage. And the ceremony started with howitzers firing about 21 rounds.

I am loving the new people winning. I love underdogs, and seeing first time winners! There is a lot of chances for first time winners with this new generation of drivers coming. This new class looks to be stronger then previous generations in a year or so.
Yes, several new drivers are young and hungry for a win. Plus they are in well funded top tier teams with good equipment. It won't surprise me to see some new winners.
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I must say, I am excited to see these guys go to a road track this week. Just a fun breakup.
Yep, two down (Daytona Road Course and COTA) and five more to go - Sonoma, Watkins Glen, The Roval, Road America and Mid-Ohio.

I am curious as to who he would actually get? It could be a longtime sponsor that is tied to him for a long time.
Given the current social climate, it may be a while before anyone touches Larson as a sponsor. All it takes is one group to fuss about it and they'll drop him like a hot potato.
So this week we have Sonoma coming up. Any predictions from people. Martin Truex Jr. has won 3 of the last seven there I believe. Chase Elliott? Kyle Busch? Someone else? We got some road coarse ringers attending I am sure as well.
I haven't checked what Vegas thinks, but the heavy favorites would be Chase Elliott, Truex Jr, Larson and Kyle Busch. Tyler Reddick could pull off a surprise win. He did qualify on the pole at COTA - much to everyone's surprise. Any of the other HMS drivers (Bowman, and Byrum ) could be there as well.

I doubt there will be many road course ringers. With the point structure as it is with an emphasis on winning no driver would want to give up a chance for a win or miss any points.

In other news, many tracks are allowing full attendance:

Track updates, protocols for grandstand seating, fan access | NASCAR
Kyle Larson also finished 2nd at COTA and might have won if NASCAR didn't call the race early (dumb move).
Given the weather conditions (moderate to heavy downpour and darkness coming) I don't see where NASCAR had much of a choice to call the race. Many of the drivers were hydroplaning on the backstretch and producing huge rooster tails of spray which made it impossible to see under race conditions. As they are the cars can race in wet/damp conditions with the rain tires, but not moderate to heavy downpours.
Big shout out for Brandon Brown in the #68 who got a top 10 finish (6th). He's a local driver from Stafford, VA that runs a single car, family owned team. They do get their engines from ECR (or is that Hendrick now?). Anyhew - great for Brandon. Points wise he is just out of the playoff picture in 13th.

Don't forget the Cup guys will be at Mid-Ohio later this season.
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Great day for HMS with Larson and Elliott finishing 1-2. HMS is really hitting their stride.

Kurt Busch needs to score a win to qualify for a playoff spot. I doubt he will make it on points alone.

Truex had a faster car than Larson early, but starting 19th took a lot out of his tires. The 5 (Larson) was the class of the field while the 9 and 19 were just a tick slower. Thought Chase might get to him in the overtime restart, but Larson was too good.

All-Star race at Texas next week. No points, just $1,000.000 on the line.
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Stellantis is rumored to be fielding a FIAT Team for 2022 !!!
Unless they submitted a car for approval last year for the 2022 model year, it ain't happening in 2022. There is an 18 month lead time.
Hendrick Motor Sports scores its 6th straight win with Alex Bowman taking the checkered flag. Larson, who was leading on the last lap blew a right front tire and finished 9th. Kyle Busch was 2nd, Byron third, Hamlin 4th, Blaney 5th, Kurt Busch 6th, Logano 7th, Harvick 8th, Larson 9th and Keselowski 10th. Defending champion Chase Elliott finished 12th.

For tomorrow's race the top 20 will be inverted so Chris Buscher in the #17 will have the pole.
The speed HMS has displayed started last fall in the playoffs. They hit on something and have been running away from the field. Funny how no one thought it was odd when JGR and SHR was dominating the field last year. Penske has lost something. I expected more from Brad and Joey though I don't care much for them.

Road America is not a speed track - more of a track where driver skill is the predominate factor though having a fast car is a factor as well.

It runs in cycles. Just two years ago HMS was a tick behind JGR, SHR and Penske.

NASCAR has always been a series where if you don't push the edge of the envelope, you'll be left behind. Not saying HMS is cheating, but if they aren't failing inspections (before and after the race), the other teams need to find speed. JGR is getting there. They just haven't found that extra tenth of a second to draw even with HMS.
Atlanta Motor Speedway getting major overhaul to improve NASCAR racing | Fox News

Atlanta Motor Speedway bringing in next gen with track reprofile | NASCAR

Atlanta Motor Speedway bringing in next generation with track reprofile
Track Release July 6, 2021 at 12:31 PM

HAMPTON, Ga. — Following the July 11 Quaker State 400 presented by Walmart, AMS will break ground on a historic project to create the next generation of Atlanta Motor Speedway and a first-of-its-kind, all-new race experience in 2022.
Following 10 months of confidential research, development, testing and simulation with engineers and iRacing, the reprofile will increase the current 24-degree banking in Atlanta’s turns to 28 degrees—higher than any other intermediate track on the current NASCAR circuit. Straightaway banking will remain five degrees. In addition to the new high banks, the racing surface will become narrower with an overall decrease in width from 55 feet to 40 feet. New widths will be 52 feet on the front stretch, 42 feet on the back stretch and 40 feet in the turns.
The project will pave the way for a bold new era of NASCAR racing in Atlanta.
RELATED: 2021 Cup Series schedule | Quaker State 400 tickets
“As Atlanta’s racing surface has aged, we’ve challenged ourselves to reimagine what NASCAR racing at an intermediate track can be,” said Speedway Motorsports President and CEO Marcus Smith. “With high banks in the turns, narrower width and new pavement technology, Atlanta will be unlike any other mile-and-a-half track on the circuit. It’s all new for ’22 and this will be specifically designed for close, competitive racing.”

The reconfiguration of Atlanta Motor Speedway is the latest innovative first from Speedway Motorsports, which has repeatedly redefined what’s possible in NASCAR. From the debut of the ROVAL at Charlotte Motor Speedway, to the first NASCAR Cup Series race held on dirt since 1970 at Bristol Motor Speedway and NASCAR’s first trip to Circuit of The Americas earlier this year, Speedway Motorsports has been a driving force behind many of NASCAR’s most highly-anticipated events.
Construction is slated to begin the week following the July 11 Quaker State 400 Presented by Walmart, with the next generation Atlanta Motor Speedway making its debut in 2022 in conjunction with NASCAR’s Next Gen car.
RELATED: Cup Series Next Gen cars unveiled
“Our partners at Speedway Motorsports have reprofiled Atlanta Motor Speedway to optimize the racing with the Next Gen car, and early simulations suggest the racing will be closer and even more competitive,” said Steve O’Donnell, NASCAR Executive Vice President and Chief Racing Development Officer. “From the Charlotte ROVAL to the Bristol Dirt Race and now a re-imagined Atlanta, Marcus Smith and his team continue to take bold, innovative steps to bring unique and exciting racing experiences to our fans.”
Throughout the development process, Speedway Motorsports has partnered with iRacing to test and verify concepts for the future Atlanta Motor Speedway. The world- renowned motorsports simulator not only provided a virtual rendering of each concept, but also provided key data on how NASCAR’s Next Gen car will perform on the reconfigured 1.54-mile oval.
“Flexing the muscles of our virtual track-building capabilities to prototype Speedway Motorsport’s vision for Atlanta Motor Speedway has been a fun and exciting process,” said iRacing Executive Vice President and Executive Producer Steve Myers. “From one concept to the next, we’ve seen the future of AMS take shape; all without moving a shovel of dirt in the real world.”
The current asphalt at AMS is the oldest racing surface the NASCAR Cup Series will visit in 2021. Since its last repave in 1997, the speedway has hosted 38 NASCAR Cup Series races, 24 NASCAR Xfinity Series races, 20 Camping World Truck Series races, 10 ARCA Series races, four IndyCar Series races on its 1.54-mile oval plus countless U.S. Legends and Bandolero car races on its frontstretch quarter-mile “Thunder Ring.”
AMS has played host to some of NASCAR’s most memorable moments on the current surface, including Dale Earnhardt’s 0.010-second margin of victory over Bobby Labonte in 2000, Kevin Harvick’s emotional and record-setting 0.006-second margin of victory over Jeff Gordon in Earnhardt’s Richard Childress Racing car the following year, Carl Edwards last-lap pass on Jimmie Johnson to earn his first Cup Series victory in 2005, and a legendary battle to the checkers between Gordon and Johnson in 2011.
“Our operations staff has done everything possible to extend the life of our racing surface, and as a result fans have enjoyed some historic moments and fantastic finishes at Atlanta,” said AMS Executive Vice President and General Manager Brandon Hutchison. “While this asphalt cannot outlast Father Time, the memories of the great racing will last forever. NASCAR’s best will have one more chance to add to the legacy of this surface with a grand finale at the Quaker State 400 Presented by Walmart on July 11.”
The NASCAR Xfinity Series gets the first crack at Atlanta’s slick and abrasive track surface during the Credit Karma Money 250 on Saturday, July 10. The weekend is headlined by the Quaker State 400 Presented by Walmart on Sunday, July 11, with Chase Elliott, Kevin Harvick, Ryan Blaney, and the rest of the NASCAR Cup Series’ stars battling for glory.
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I'm torn on this about Atlanta... It's iconic the way it is. But I also realize being "stuck in the good ole' days" isn't right also.

I guess what I am saying is... why not do this to another track...

Texas did similar things and well... we got Texas which is known for its bad, boring racing. Kentucky as well... well that was just boring.
It really doesn't have anything to do with that. The track is literally getting torn up and simply needs a repave. It's been 24 years since it was repaved.

Not sure if I agree with changing the banking from 24 to 28 degrees and narrowing the track. Could possibly make it a one groove track until it wears a bit. Plus, I think we may see pack racing a la Daytona and Talladega. I dunno. :unsure:
One way or another, it sure is an interesting time in NASCAR world. There's a somewhat viscerally exciting feeling in the air; a lot of baton-passing and "new hotness" going on.
I can't quite recall a time when so many young drivers were entering the sport at one time. The last two years has seen a wave of them.
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Shout out to Brandon Brown who finished 12th. Not bad for a family owned underfunded team. Brandon is a "local" boy of sorts. The team was based in Prince William County, Virginia. I now believe they moved to North Carolina. They do lease their engines from ECR.
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There's going to be a lot of questions about why the track used those perpendicular curbs. If a driver hit them, his day was pretty much done. I know they were there in practice, but practice is no where near race conditions when drivers are all close to each other.

NASCAR and track officials need to do a better job monitoring the condition of the track - especially the curbing. The lap before the big incident, there was noticeable debris coming up from the turn 6 curbing (may have been a reason Truex was slightly off throttle and got spun out the lap before). I believe that was when the curbing had finally loosened enough that when they came through again it caught the splitter of the 24 and ripped his front end apart (as well as other cars). The splitters are low enough it wouldn't take much to rip the front end apart.

It was pretty much a snooze fest for most of the race with Larson pretty much spanking the field. That is until the incident with 11 laps to go.

Don't know why to took NASCAR until turn 10 to let Briscoe know he had to serve a penalty for his illegal shortcut across the grass near turn 1 (yes, I know he got forced off track). Not that I am a Hamlin fan, but for Briscoe to spin him out (even unintentionally) when he had to serve a penalty was just bad. If I were Denny, I'd be pissed too. Practically had a win in sight.
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One would have thought NASCAR and Indy would have taken notice of the issues in the Xfinity race. Well, they did - they took out the perpendicular curbing that destroyed a number of Xfinity cars. The other clue is when they had to keep fixing the turn 5 or 6 curbing when it kept coming apart earlier in the race.
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Nascar screwed up big time in many ways but they did tell the crew chief/spotter very quickly
Well, the message wasn't relayed to the driver until turn 10. It wasn't until after he spun the 11 out that he was told of the penalty.
The crew chief was probably arguing with NASCAR about the penalty - hence the delay. Maybe? Who knows. What is done is done.
Ah yes, Silly Season is upon us.

Kurt Busch will driving the #45 as 2nd driver/car for 23XI Racing for 2022.

Doubleheader at Daytona today as the Xfinity race was stopped due to weather last night. Cup race at 7 on. Xfinity as resumed racing.
I attended the race with my son and his wife. Our seats were on the backstretch towards turn 3 about 20 rows up. We had a good view of the post race fireworks on the backstretch.

After Elliott and Harvick cars were inspected (lug nut check), they drove down towards turn 4. Harvick got out with his helmet still on and confronted Chase. We couldn't hear what was said between the two, but Chase was poking his finger in Harvick's helmet. The crowd was going nuts. The officer that escorted Chase is my son's the local county jail run by the Sullivan County Sheriff's office - my son works in booking.

Overall, it was a good race. As an Elliott fan I was disappointed with the outcome, but he scored enough points to advance to the Round of 12. Harvick advanced as well, but by the skin of his teeth - he is in the 12th position on the leader board, Elliott is 6th.

The 4 cars that were the class of the field were Hamlin, Elliott, Larson and Harvick.

I was kinda surprised Chase didn't bump Harvick after he came back out. Many of us were expecting it. Almost everybody was on their feet in those closing laps.

I don't know what the official attendance was, but it was a very good turnout - my guess is over 150,000 in attendance,
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