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Natter Natter ... NASCAR slaps Cheaters

by Curtis Redgap

There is a great big question I have about all the hoopla which made it to the big news networks, regarding the "scandal" associated with the "cheating" in NASCAR.

When did NASCAR arrive at such lofty heights?

Given the shady background of the early pioneers, including William France, and the amount of money that the France family has controlled over the years, where do you throw the dart to not miss "cheating," as told by NASCAR?

Ray Evernham, who is Dodge in the NASCAR ranks, had all three of his cars tagged for cheating. Why him? Not that he is not new to such antics, having been fined $50,000 when he was crew chief for Jeff Gordon in the #24 Chevrolet. Ray has been running the NASCAR Dodge operations since he formed up the operation in 1999 to lead Dodge back to NASCAR. Unapproved parts and unauthorized adjustments. Right.

Rumors continue to float that it is Dodge that may just well pull up the stakes, strike the tents, and tell NASCAR's bold unvarnished truth to the public. It is then, no small wonder that Toyota was given the welcome mat when they came calling to join the roundy round circuit. Perhaps then NASCAR in a tit for tat move decided to give Dodge the first whack in the constant round of one upmanship that exists within the good ol' boy ranks that are still all wound up within the organization. Now that Toyota has antied up with the first payments of earnest money to NASCAR, Dodge isn't all that needed anymore.

Of course, the head of the NASCAR effort for Toyota, Michael Waltrip has come out as the biggest offender of all. Not an auspicious start for Toyota. As well, this will stick with Toyota from now on, no matter how long they stay in NASCAR. I don't know how Waltrip could raise the amount of money to own three teams, and attract former champion Dale Jarrett to come over from his former team at Yates Racing. Jarrett did bring the UPS sponsorship to Toyota. Have to wonder how this affects the Toyota company ownership, which being based in Japan puts a whole lot of stock in keeping "face." NAPA must also be raising their eyebrows a little. While NASCAR isn't saying what the substance is that continues to coat the inside of the intake manifold on Waltrip's Toyota, insider information has indicated that it is a form of aviation gasoline. Others say it is a jet engine additive designed to enhance combustion. Three different manifolds have been tried on the engine, and after each session, the material was found inside the intake. No one seems to understand how it gets in there. NASCAR recently impounded the car, and then pulled the entire engine for "further inspection."

NASCAR at Allpar Jerry Olesen wrote..."The cars were production line models, which were reinforced at key points...These days, they race 'cars that never were,' so to speak, and much of the relevance to actual automobiles has been lost. "

The semi-stock car years

1990 and beyond

Chrysler 1904-2018

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