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Need an auto choke assembly and linkages for a Holley carb

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I have a 1966 Valiant 200 4 door with the 279cu (4.5L) engine. The car sat for over 2 years, so a lot of work has gone on since I got it.

We replaced all the brakes (everything except the backplates!, and upgraded it to a 2 chamber master cylinder!). All rubber hoses replaced, new shoes, wheel cyls, turned the drums, replaced a bad steel brake line, all new hardware.

We also had to completely redo the fuel system. Gunked up big time. Cleaned the tank, replaced the sending unit, cleaned out the line, replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, rebuilt the carburetor. dang thing runs like a dream now! I have the 2BBL Holley carburetor.

My problem? I cannot hook up the automatic choke. The linkages from the coil to the carb are gone. Kaputski! Even if I hook it up, I don't know if the coil will still do its thing. I have heard that these OEM chokes never worked very well anyway (it never did on my 1BBL1967 Dodge Dart /6 225 carb either).

if someone knows how/where I can get auto choke parts for the Holley carb, great! If not, does anyone know which Holley electric choke kit I can get to replace it with? I think I would actually prefer to go ahead and get the electric kit, but I am not sure.
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There's no such engine. Are you referring to the 273 cubic inch V-8?

In my experience, the chokes worked fine IF the exhaust passage across the intake manifold, that was supposed to heat the choke coil, was not clogged.
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