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need help for my project! wiring harness questions

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I am planning to start working on my project daytona again real soon. here are the quick info i think you need for my questions. i bought the car a few years back as a shell.

the car-1989 daytona, had the 2.5l turbo

whats going in it-2.2L turbo from 1986 laser with t2 intake and turbo A-555 5 speed manual

my question is that i havent really looked at it that much but i am afraid the wiring might not all be there from the shell, and if the 86 engine is all the same...(i believe it is but idk)

i have access the the laser if i need to get that harness, but i cant remember if it is still all there or not.

i also have an 87 daytona parts car, which i know that one has the harness, for a 2.2L as well.

the only problem with both of these cars was that they were automatic trans, not 5-speed. i just want to be sure i wouldnt have problems if i had to switch them.

i also have an upgraded ecu for the 87, so if it would be worth the time to fully convert the harness, then i would be willing to do that.

i also have access to an 89 sundance, but that one carried the 2.5L turbo, with an auto trans as well...

any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!

thanks Alex