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Need info on a part

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Hello from South Carolina

Im looking at buying a 65 plymouth fury 3 for my sons first car. The car is in pretty good shape with one exception. Coming off the steering column are cables which are attahced to the shifter inside the car. Apparently these cables are supposed to connect to a device that changes the gears on the transmission. That device is missing and i do not know what its called so i can look for one. If you know what that would be called please let me know, also is it rare? anyone know where i can find one? thanks a million for any help

Phil Smith
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Is this a column mounted or floor mounted shifter? Are you talking about cables that run to the gearshift indicator?
If you don't already have one, find a 1965 passenger car factory service manual for the car. It will answer most of your questions about what things are called. how they are removed/installed and how they are adjusted.
Is it possible that the steering column isn't original and someone was trying to change over from pushbutton to lever shifter?
I thought pushbutton ended in 1964.
its a column mounted automatic, the cables run thru the steering coulmn to the engine compartment, on the engine compartment end the cables attach to a cable control unit (the thing thats missing) that shifts the gears on the transmission, I was told this was a one year thing that plymouth did on the fury III only. so finding a part could be rough i suppose
I guess. I've never seen anything but metal rod linkage for column-mounted automatics of this vintage.
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