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Need New Drums on 92 Chereokee Sport What size Drums/Shoes

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I just failed VA Safety Inspection for Rear Drum Breaks. The InspectionTech said that I need to replace both brake shoes and drums. I look them up on There are several sizes of Drums and Shoes. What size should I use? 9" rear brakes or 10" rear brakes. The Jeep is a 1992 JEEP CHEROKEE 4.0L L6 OHV 4x4 auto Tran.
Thanks for you help.
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You can determine that by calling your local Jeep dealer's parts department with the VIN number, or by pulling a wheel and measuring the drum. There might even be a visible part number on the drum, if it's an original drum.
Brakes were axle specific, so the year isn't much help for that year.
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