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I have a 2004 with 208,000 kms and now one rear Nivomat has locked into the extended ride height position. For what its worth, all of the above information from Imperialcrown is correct. Don't substitute shocks on a load leveling van. Unless you want to change the springs to a non load leveling type your van will certainly sag and begin riding on the rubber snubbers on the axle, and handle poorly. These Nivomats are an integral part of the suspension. Normal shocks don't have the same lift ability. Autoparts stores are more than happy to sell stuff right or wrong. I just ordered the correct pair on line for $235 each. I have read on other minivan forums where owners had to remove incorrect shocks and replace them. Nivomats really aren't just a shock.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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