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Need some connecting rod bolts

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I'm trying to locate some connecting rod bolts for my 1992 Dodge Dynasty with a 3.3L V6. My engine has two bolts that have failed and after some research it turns out that they don't make them anymore and was hoping that someone might have a couple that they might want to sell.

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ImperialCrown said:
What are the circumstances of the failure? If they failed while running, you may want to replace the connecting rod if the heads are still off.
I'm confused. I am seeing pressed-in studs and cap nuts to fasten the rod bearing cap in the 1996 and 2000 parts catalog and the studs are only serviced with the complete rod. The connecting rod bearing caps must stay with the rod that they came off of.
A connecting rod bearing cap bolt is offered in newer engines 2003-up and the bolt 6507235AA (M9x1.0x45.00) is still available in parts and online.
All the main bearing caps use bolts.
Pretty much what happened is I pulled the oil pan to replace the gasket and at the bottom I found the heads to two connecting rod bolts in the bottom of the pan. I looked around and figured out they came from cylinder 4 and 6. Was told that I need to replace them and one of the bolts is all ready removed so I'm kind of stuck needing some
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