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Need wiring diagram - power mirrors

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Hi gang .... I'm working on an '89 full size van, vin no 2B6JB31Y1KK354409. This van is a Coach House conversion but the power mirrors are factory. I have no power to the switch and I don't know where that power is supposed to come from. All 10 glass fuses in the box under the glove box lid are good. The switch has an 8 wire pigtail which best I can tell is 4 wires for each side. It's a "joystick" type control and you turn the knob left or right to select the mirror youwant to adjust. I did verify mirror motor operation by supplying outside power via the plug. Any help is appreciated!
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I don't have any service manual/wiring diagrams for it, but a local public library might.
Many other Chrysler models would use similar wire colors and circuit layout from this era or earlier. The mirrors are battery feed and may be on a circuit breaker rather than a fuse. There could also be a wire break or corrosion where the body harness flexes to the drivers door.

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Thanks IC. I powered the mirrors via the plug removed from the switch so I know both mirrors have working motors. The problem lies in the 12 supply to the switch. There should be 2 12v wires in the plug, one for each mirror.
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