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When modifying lighting circuits, the circuit components must be upgraded to handle the higher load. This may include heavier gauge conductors/terminals and relays so you can use the stock switchgear.
OEM sockets may offer great quality, but are not designed to handle these aftermarket 'superbluewhite' Frankenbulbs. You can melt, burn and damage your car. It can be a violation of local lighting laws, can blind oncoming drivers and can cause accidents.
If the H9007 bulb says 100/80W don't believe it, it is not really a H9007. It may however plug into a H9007 connector. Any 'less-than-good' connection will make heat and melt plastic.
Sylvania/Osram lists the current draw of a real H9007 as 65/55W:
If you have problems seeing at night, there are things that can help. Automotive lighting must be done right and may be more than just plugging in a different bulb.
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