Fiat Chrysler is recalling their 2017 Jeep Compass — the newer version, coded “MP” and launched this year, but not the old version (“MK”).  Under 1,200 Compasses are affected in the US, others are likely affected outside the US.

2017 Jeep Compass

In February, a half-shaft — part of the front suspension — broke while a Compass was being built. It was immediately sent to the supplier, who found no problems with it. Then, in April, a dealership put in a request for warranty reimbursement for another Compass, which had gone for just 51 miles before breaking a halfshaft.

The issue was, unusually, a production problem — halfshafts were not being seated correctly, or were not staying in place while the Compass was being built. Within three days of getting the warranty claim, the Toluca plant had added a check to the build process. Three days later, another warranty claim came in, on a vehicle just 12 miles old; and the company added another assembly change, this time limiting suspension movement during assembly.

By May 4, the company was aware of six broken or disengaged half-shafts; three of which happened while in the hands of customers. However, there are no known accidents or injuries related to the issue.

The recall (coded T26 by FCA, and 17V301000 by the NHTSA) is expected to begin on June 23; dealers will inspect the left front halfshaft, and replace them if they are not properly installed. If the part disengages or breaks, the Compass may lose its ability to drive; and, if not moving at the time, it could roll, even if left in Park.

The recall only affects the Compass when equipped with an Aisin six speed automatic; all wheel drive versions use a nine speed automatic or a six-speed manual.