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New 5.7 ram truck

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Hi all

About to become proud owner of a brand new Ram 1500 5.7 hemi quad cab.....was wondering the best way to run in this engine....any advise is appreciated...thanks.
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· Virginia Gentleman
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Check the owner's manual. Here's what is in my '06 owner's manual (probably the same as the new ones as well).

A long break-in period is not required for the engine in
your new vehicle. Drive moderately during the first 300
miles (500 km). After the initial 60 miles (100 km), speeds
up to 50 or 55 mph (80 or 90 km/h) are desirable. While
cruising, brief full-throttle acceleration, within the limits
of local traffic laws, contributes to a good break-in.
Avoid wide open throttle acceleration in low gear.

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