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new 73 satellite

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hi everyone, i am new here because i just bought a 73 satellite today, and i love being on forums when i want to work on a car. let me tell u what i kno about it as of now.

the guy i bought it off of didnt kno anything about cars, so he didnt really want it. he told me it was originally a 6cyl car that had a motor swap, but after looking at it i found out its an original 318 3spd auto. the cool thing is, even tho the body is rough, it has never been painted before. all completely solid and in good shape underneath.

idk if the motor is original or not but i plan to find the block number to try and find out. thats actually something i would like help with cuz idk where the number is on it yet. also anything else i should look for.

the car does have a small lifter tick after it runs for a while, but not a big deal. ima get a lifter kit and do that soon.

i do body work for a living, and i plan on doing a full resto to her, but here is the thing...

if its an original motor i would like to kno what u guys think. should i just restore to original condition with motor and body, or do a little resto mod?

plus i would really love having some tips/trick/ideas for the car. i kno u guys kno a lot more about it than i do, and that one reason im here.

if u want to see the car, just look at my profile n u can get a good view. thanks in advance.
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The numbers are on the side of block, big cast numbers, can't miss them. From there you can do an engine code number check online, pretty easy to find several sites with them. Nice green, love it. Check your other post, talked about the lifters there, and as usual, it is your car. There are lots of ideas out there, restification is nice because it doesn't damage the car or allows anyone in the future to return it back to original/restore if they want.

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ya thanks man, its a pretty cool car. it is my first classic car, but im dealing with a lot of ppl who have done them all their life. i do want to do a little restomod to it, just depends how much money i can sink into it lol. it will be a long term thing im sure. i am hoping its a numbers matching motor tho, cuz that would make this way more interesting B)

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I know if I had a 4 door Satellite I'd be building a cop car clone. But that's just me...

In addition the the ID numbers mentioned above the VIN (or a partial VIN, the last set of numbers) should be stamped on the rail above the oil pan, passenger side of the block.
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