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New 88 Aries K-Car ~ Thanks for the info

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Just bought a 1988 Aries w/ 88.5k miles, 4-door, 2.5L/auto for $450. My son will use it for work.
Want to thank all who have posted regarding this type of car. Very helpful.
This one ran just shy of 'hot' on a 30 mile drive so replacing pump & sensor, plus flushing cooling system.
Should be roadworthy in 2 days.
Again, thanks for the info.
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Welcome to Allpar. Running slightly hot may have just been a faulty thermostat or some air in the system. When you change the anti freeze, park the car on your ramps or an uphill incline and be sure to bleed all of the air out of the system. Sometimes it can drive you crazy if you don't.

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In addition, drill a hole in the flange of the t-stat and reinsert it with the hole at the 12 o'clock position. This will allow any air trapped in the thermostat housing to bleed to the radiator and burp out. This worked well in all the 2.5's I had (sister to the 2.2L).
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