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Well, if you are going to rebuild the engine with new pistons etc, naturally you have to pull the engine out for machining etc.
Best to pull out as one unit with trans attached.
You've never worked on cars before?
Are you young or an oldie reclaiming the youth he never had? ;).
Have a look at, its still running and has lots of threads in the forum section, even a VC and slant ones.
Might even be people that still use it, that own slants.
You have come into the tail end of the whole scene, most guys have been there done that, sort of thing.
But if you love the VC, then there are still 100s of people around that have done them up.
Do your networking, hang around the classic chrome bumper cruises, Chrysler car shows, and even coffee and cars gatherings and you should meet a few Chrysler guys.
Ive been in them since the old man bought an R series in 1962....bought my first VG Pacer in 79.
Im in Adelaide, where you at?
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