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New Cherokee Question - any chance for ELD's

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Obviously, I've been negative toward this vehicle, so this is a step away from that and a request for info from folks who might know.

Jeep has told us this vehicle will be capable, and while we argue the definition of capable, I'm wondering what we can expect from the Trailhawk above and beyond 4WD. For example, we've found out it has a full set of skid plates, and we saw pictures of the tow hooks up front.

Does anybody know if the Cherokee will get a version of the GC's ELD's?

As I've posted before, my own experience with the Brake Lock Differentials in the Liberty has been very poor. I can see this as an opportunity for the Cherokee to outdue the Liberty in at least one aspect.

Thoughts? Likely/unlikely? Over-under on this one?
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Somewhere in all of the various KL threads, there was a bit of information from American Axle about how the PTO and transaxle worked.
Off the top of my head I can't remember if they are totally electronic, or friction couplings, or a combination of both.
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