Two new trademark filings of interest were made in November, according to Allpar forums member Stratuscaster:
  • Life is best when driven (this is reportedly for Fiat)
  • Imported from Detroit

The "imported from Detroit" slogan may be for Chrysler and Dodge, reflecting the tighter, lighter-feeling new suspension tuning of the 2011 models, made possible by the exist of Daimler executives.  Those who have driven the retuned cars, minivans, and SUVs uniformly noted their more "driver satisfying" feel, versus the models produced to Daimler tastes, with comments like "It feels as though they've cut the Challenger by 500 pounds."

"Life is best when driven" would reflect the retuning; "Imported from Detroit" would seem to emphasize both the new suspension feel and the higher quality standards imposed (and allowed) by Fiat.

One more unexpected filing was "Wrangler Arctic," indicating either a special Wrangler model or a revised lineup.