FCA announced today that it has signed a new three-year deal with Canada’s Unifor union, which includes up to $1.6 billion in investments and 2,000 new jobs.

Brampton will get $50 million, along with a confirmation that it will build “three new variants of the popular Dodge Charger and Dodge Challenger muscle cars, in addition to continuing production of the Chrysler 300.” This could mean the addition of a Dodge Magnum-like wagon/crossover, or the rumored “Barracuda” smaller muscle car—given today’s market, a crossover seems more likely.  (Update: “55Plaza” explained, “a different ‘derivative‘ or “top hat” will be made in Brampton every year of the three-year agreement.”)

Windsor only makes the Pacifica minivan (under three names; lower priced versions are sold as the Voyager and Caravan, the latter only available in Canada).

$1.35 to $1.5 billion will be invested at Windsor to add “a new multi-energy vehicle architecture” including battery-electrics and plug-in hybrids, with “at least one new model” on that architecture. The factory will build the current minivan platform and a new one, due for 2024.

Windsor plant, decades ago

The Etobicoke casting plant is getting two new products, and will add new jobs (“workforce increase of 22%”). FCA Transport is also getting $14.3 million in equipment upgrades.

Fiat Chrysler hires more Canadians and builds more vehicle than any other automaker; the new agreement covers 8,400 people.