Nukiser 715

Spotted at the Jeep meet in Moab, Utah: The Nukizer 715 built by Mopar Underground.

Jeep Nukiser 715

It's not supposed to be shown until Wednesday, but the good folks at JP Magazine took some spy photos of the NuKiser for an early preview.

Jeep Nukiser 715

The Nukiser looks to be an update of the M715 truck Kaiser built for the military from 1967 to 1969 as a replacement for the Dodge M37. It appears to be built on the J8 platform but adds humongous 37- or 38-inch B.F. Goodrich tires, Dynatrac axles front and rear, an Advance Adapters Atlas transfer case, Hutchinson double beadlocks, a tuned 2.8L VM Motori diesel engine and an AEV TJ Brute bed. The windshield has been cut down a bit and the truck sports a fabric top just like the Vietnam-era military truck.

Thanks to the folks at JP Magazine for the news and to Jason Demonto for the tip!