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New LeBaron convertible top Pinpoint or sailcloth?

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I am putting a new top on my 1987 Lebaron and wonder is the newer sailcloth design better/more durable/better looking than the original pinpoint vinyl?

Any input would be appreciated.....thanks in advance

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There is a lot to choose from for top materials. Economy sailcloth looks like the best buy. Some expensive premium twill cloth tops get expensive. It depends what you are looking for.
The heated glass rear window is stitched in and difficult to change over at home. The supplied plastic rear window is cheap-looking and doesn't really last.
The top on our '98 JX is getting a little ratty and I investigated getting it replaced. There really was no repair for it. I was going to replace it myself to save money. I did like the premium soft cloth top material like on the JXi, but it was expensive. The JX may last another 10 years as it is only driven part of the year and I may just live with it. The top is down most of the time anyways.
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