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I have had a few Chrysler products in my past, '62 Dart 440, '82 Horizon, '87 Caravan, but none in recent years. When this one owner 82 Aries became available, with 18,000+ miles on it, I jumped back in. At around 500 miles a year, I can drive that in a week! Car has been garaged, babied, then for the last year, untouched. I have ordered a carb rebuild kit for the 2.2, it needs the front bottom seat recovered, tranny and fuel flush are good ideas, ac check, and I think with a buffing, this beauty will shine. Original invoice lists the sale at over $9,000!!
I bought it for either my 22 yr old or my 20 yr old, both college boys, but i'm having second thoughts. I did not realize there was such a following for these 80's K's, and I'm not sure either of them would appreciate it for what it is.
So I am opening up for discussion and advice, what is the car worth when once again on the road, and is there any interest out here from someone who would treat it better than my boys?
Thanks in advance.
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