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Hello eveyone . I'm new to site and am looking forward to reading ideas on how to keep our vehicals in tip top shap. I have an 07 charger rt and an 07 aspen hith a 5.7 . I somehow have become a mopar guy.
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I'm pretty sure that's just a generic email, chuckram. By no means is it intended to have you unsubscribe to Allpar. This site is a gold mine of information and help for anyone with a Mopar that needs help from time to time. I'm sure one of the moderators or administrators could elaborate a little more. I'm neither one, just a happy member that has gleaned a lot of help over the years from the more knowledgeable folks here. I try to pitch in from time to time, but it's rare that I actually help anyone! LOL Use the site when you need to. Participation is not a requirement.

Humblerumble, welcome to Allpar. I'd love to see some pics of your Aspen. I didn't know the 5.7 was available in them.
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