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I have been a subscriber for a long time. I have enjoyed reading articles I found of interest. Yes, I signed up to get Allpar as emails. Why you would think I want to unsubscribe is beyond me.
I didn't care for the tone of this message you sent me just because I never go to the forums and participate in your polls. I don't see what it matters what car I like or anything else that I consider personal information. This is the message you sent me for no reason.,

You are on this list because you joined the Allpar forums. If you want to unsubscribe, there is a single-click way to do it at the bottom of the message, and I apologize for bothering you. Please don't unsubscribe by reporting this message as spam, because there are many ways to get off the mailing list, and you had to opt-in to get here in the first place.

So, I repeat, what makes you think I want to unsubscribe from Allpar???
I don't like the attitude of this message. And again, NO I do not want to unsubscribe unless it is mandatory I have anything to do with your forums. To be totally honest with you, I barely have time to read any of my emails. Except the bills of course. Now those I wish I could ignore and delete.

[email protected] P.S. My ID and user name are the same. chuckram for both.
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