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New Mopar fan in Florida

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Hello, I'd like to start of by saying that I am proud to finally register on Allpar. I have been a lurker for the last few years, mostly looking at what Chrysler's plans were for future cars as well as current ones.

Although I was never really interested in cars during my early teenage years, everything changed when the new Dodge Challengers arrived on my local dealers lot. I feel that this car opened my eyes to other cars, I found myself researching other Dodge and Chrysler vehicles, such as the Charger and 300. Now I am happy to say I know quite a bit about cars (Most their mechanical properties) and respect all makes and models. But Mopars have a special place in my heart.

Unfortunately I do not own a Mopar product, being young and in college I am focusing on my education at the moment. I do however have a separate bank account labled "Charger" which is my savings towards the down payment on a 06 or 07 Charger SRT. The most affordable SRT available to me.
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Like Bob said, welcome to Allpar. Sounds like you've got a solid determination to get that Charger. Hold on to that dream and save all you can. What are you studying?
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