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New pics of my duster

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Here are some pictures of my duster (now about 90% done) as well as my 1 year old at the 2012 vicksburg car show.
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Very nice. Thanks for sharing.
Very nice
Nice - awesome color choice!
The car looks Vicksburg, do you mean Michigan? My wife went to HS in Vicksburg, MI...she is from Portage...
Yes; Vicksburg MI. I also grew up in Portage and my wife and I now live in Kalamazoo.
Great looking car,kzooman83. And it looks like your boy is well on his way to becoming a Mopar man!
He already loves playing with toy cars, and he is warming up to my Duster. He did not like it at first because it is pretty loud, but he has become accustomed to it. I had it idling at the car show and he started bobbing his head to the rythm of the lopey exhaust note. It was hilarious!

Btw, thank you, everyone, for your comments!
My wife's dad worked for a GM plant up there as a millwright until he retired. I have since converted her over to Mopars. She graduated up there in about '88, I think.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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