The bad news is that thieves broke into the Warren plant’s parking lot and stole a group of brand new Ram pickups. The good news is they didn’t break into Sterling Heights and steal the 2019s, which are still in short supply.

According to a local Fox News story , the gang took a stolen truck to the outskirts of the plant, cut through the security fence, and drove off the Rams at around 4 am.  They didn’t bother cutting the fence on the way out, but drove right through a security gate.  FCA does have security camera footage, but whether any individual can be identified, is unknown.

The thieves did not have to bypass the trucks’ theft deterrent systems, because the keys are left in the ignitions — making both logistics and theft easier.

The Fox News story claims that ten Rams were taken and, as of four hours ago, that FCA had not turned over descriptions of the vehicles, including vehicle identification numbers. An FCA spokesperson, though, wrote that:
After a thorough reconciliation of our inventory, FCA US confirms that eight vehicles were stolen from a shipping yard adjacent to the Warren Truck Assembly Plant on May 3, 2018. We take exception to other accounts that suggest vehicle information has not been turned over to authorities. In fact, this information has been provided to the Macomb Auto Theft Squad and we are cooperating fully with the investigation.