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New straight six from Mazda

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Seems Mazda is following in Chryslers footsteps. Maybe there is hope for ICE engines yet .
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Somewhere, long ago there was an article about the Valiant hoodline also necessitated the 30 degree slant. But I don't recall where I read that. It may have been at one of the WPC seminars at one of the Detroit meets years ago. I'm not sure about more room for the distributor, it was a pia to change points on if you had big hands and such, because of the motor slanting towards the side where the distributor was. At least on A bodies.
Indeed, replacing the points, condenser on the A body even some midsized slant 6 mopars was a PITA. Sometimes it was easier to remove the distributor. They also had issues from getting wet easily due to their location.
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