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New straight six from Mazda

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Seems Mazda is following in Chryslers footsteps. Maybe there is hope for ICE engines yet .
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Because most car and SUV buyers don't want an engine that intrudes into the cabin, or a long hood.
There are solutions. The staggered cylinder bores is one, and the Hurricane’s block is another, with even the cylinder sleeves taken out. The slant six was borne of the need to cut length; the slant made room for the (now obsolete) distributor and such. (I'm pretty sure it wasn't a height issue, Willem Weertman made it clear they'd only had room for a four cylinder. FOrtunately slanting the new straight six engine, by allowing for side-mounted distributor and such, was about that length.)
/6 was slanted to accommodate low hood on the Valiant and Lancer first version. There is no way it was done for distributor need as it was well down the tight side but it was well adapted for its location there. Length was shortened by the offset water pump but it still was a front heavy arrangement in that body. Also runner lengths were much more equal with the carb moved away from the head.
Indeed, replacing the points, condenser on the A body even some midsized slant 6 mopars was a PITA. Sometimes it was easier to remove the distributor. They also had issues from getting wet easily due to their location.
It was so easy to pull, I always did that and bench set the points. Used a long extension to pull the retaining bolt and coil was easy access to disconnect the wire.
That's a good tip, I need to lubricate mine and change the rotor, most likely.
If you had an original Hemi, pulling the distributor was almost the only option.
1). It was in the middle back of the engine.
2). It had dual points.
3). It only went back in either correctly or 180 degrees off. The bolt to retain was a little under the body so an offset angle wrench was best.

Whoever designed/approved the design, was thinking very well.
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