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New to forum, new to PT

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I spent a couple of weeks studying here and whatever I could find on the PT Cruiser. I've finally managed to register successfully, so will provide some information.

I am completely new to PT Cruisers, though I liked the first one I saw, and most of the rest. I do have pretty good experience with first generation Neons, but only with the MTX cars. I had an 06 Sebring vert - was that the same automatic that the PT gets?

My wife and I drove from Mississippi to Indiana SUN, and home MON in her new 06 PT Cruiser GT vert. It was on Autotrader, and everything looked good. The car was a one-owner local trade-in, so that suggested a good car, or it would have gone far away.

It is linen (soft gold/tan) with tan interior and top. Cathy wanted a manual, but the one I found that suited me was in Florida, and sold before I could work out the logistics. For the best, I think. This one is an automatic, with heated seats and 6 CD radio. It still has the boot and floor mats, and is nearly flawless in appearance.

Cathy drove it home, 520 miles, with only a couple of stops. We got about 26 MPG, running mostly freeway at 70-75 MPH. The EVIC average showed 22, but I don't have any history to make that meaningful.

Things that need attention,

The windshield washer nozzle, drivers side, is broken and needs replaced. Will this be a common problem, and a junkyard solution?

I am sure that I can hear a "whump, whump, whump" that seems to be driver's side front. Any known problems to check?

I found an inexpensive adapter kit to add an auxiliary input jack for the radio. How easy is the radio to remove? Will I trip some relay and kill the radio?

I hope to be able to participate here, contribute some, and ask a lot.


06 GT vert
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Greetings Michael and welcome to the PT family.

The noise you mention is similar to the one I've heard on our '05 GT convertible, especially with the top down. One thing to try is to relocate the tire/wheel to the passenger's rear position. I was told by the tire shop that any problem tire is less likely to bother the driver because its the farthest away. And on the rear it won't affect the steering.

I can't speak to the '06 and newer radios, but I've replaced the original AM/FM/CD in our '03 Touring with a factory AM/FM/6CD with no real surprises. The '01-'05 center dash panels have a couple of screws behind the power window switches, otherwise it just pops off and on.

I've never heard of any problems with washer nozzles. They should be easy enough to find in a salvage yard.

Your trip computer is showing the average MPG since the beginning of time...or at least since the battery was last connected. And miles to empty are based on that average. I've driven our 2010 to Maryland a few times, and watch the average climb one-tenth of a mpg to somewhere decent. But checking the individual tanks at the fill-ups are the best gauge for that. Sometimes I wish it had a current MPG readout, except that starting up from stop it might show 10 MPG and 60+ coasting downhill.

Cheers! :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the welcome, and the information. I attempted to answer yesterday, but my note went away. Electrons can't be trusted, I reckon.

I'll try juggling tires to see if my noise moves. There is no vibration up to about 75. I'm a little concerned that I have a wheel bearing starting to growl, but it may be me looking for trouble. I'll post my success or failure with the radio; parts came yesterday.

It is reassuring to see that there are folks who are repeat owners - I'd say you qualify! The Neons caught my attention, and I've had four MTX coupes; all are still in the family. I hope the PT satisfies my urge to do the 2.4 Turbo swap into a Neon.

Again, thanks for the welcome.


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I've noticed way, way fast wear on the front right disc pads (esp inner) on my 01. You might looky-see the pads depth and rotor condition while you have the tire off. Also grasp a hold of the lower control arm that extends back and see if the bushing at the back is funky and sloppy.

And hey, any new car that you can drive home with out a tow or parts falling off is considered a go.
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