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My name is Chikur Heart. I've got a 1999 Dodge 1500 high-top conversion van that I'm transforming into a camper van. I've removed the fiberglass headliner and carefully cut 1" rigid polystyrene, fitting it together like puzzle pieces to cover all the complex compound curves of the roof and also added a thin layer of highly reflective flexible silver insulation as well to the 1/4 inch think fiberglas roof that heats up like an oven in the sunlight. I've insulated the floor with 2 inch polystyrene and put some beautiful cherry wood grain vinyl over the 3/4 inch plywood underlayment. Before insulating the sides I've decided that I had better get the wiring worked out... I've removed the outdated electronics and Audiovox RB3600 theater sound system that amplified a tiny 12 volt tv and then set about the task of tracing the wiring to figure out how I will hook up new technology and cabin/reading lighting and perhaps remove any unneeded wiring. There are wires hanging down everywhere at the moment and it looks like spagetti right now, but I've got most of it figured out - so many different types of 12 VDC power leeds - some activate when doors open and stay on with delayed shut-off when the doors are closed, some when the ignition is turned on, some via 4 switches overhead in the front cabin headliner even with ignition off, one always on. Then there are the speaker wires, input and output wiring and more... sheeesh! I signed on initially to find out more about the factory wiring for the mid-90s Mitsubishi made Chrysler head unit with the combo CD, tape player, radio and 3-band EQ with non-switchable bass boost that some of you are probably quite familiar with. I'm wanting to know exactly what each color is connected to, but may have more questions later and can share the innovative things I've done with my van as well for anyone wanting to attempt the same kind of project. I'm grateful that this forum exists and is available to me. I'll head over to the tech forum now to post my question about the wiring. Thank you!
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