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new vans , rust prevention.

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Has Chrysler fixed the issue in the vans where the rear hvac/heater lines would rust out after a few years in the rust belt ? This will determine whether I would get rear hvac or just get the american value package that has no rear heat or ac. Don't have it in my current Caravan and it works fine without it . Also have they fixed the issue where the front edge on the hood would rust out after 4-5 years in high salt areas for model years 2001-2007 . This is chronic issue around here and see numerous Caravans, and T&C's with hood rot.
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Don't put one of those plastic dirt collectors on. My 2005 with 212xxx km is still perfect . No hood rot

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We installed a hood air deflector to hide the rust holes on our 2002 RS minivan. The rear HVAC heater tubes were much better after 2006 (they aluminized(?) them and they seemed to have stood up to corrosion since).
I have not seen a 2008+ RT minivan with any rust yet here in salt belt NY.
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