Last weekend, Gary Rhudy drove the Dodge Magnum owned by Nate Jenkins down the quarter mile drag strip of Cecil County Dragway in just 8.56 seconds – reaching a speed of 155.6 miles per hour. That pass makes Jenkins’ wagon the quickest of its type in the world, beating the previous record of 8.62, held by Robert Lamb.

Dodge Magnum Wheels Up

It has been many moons since you could buy a new Dodge Magnum, with production having ended nearly 10 years ago, but the muscular sport wagon still has a large crowd of devout fans who continue to love their high performance family hauler. Magnums are a common sight at many Mopar shows and while their numbers at the race track are diminishing as time goes on – there are still some owners working at making their Dodge wagons insanely quick.

One such owner is Nate Jenkins, who has been working with the late model Hemi tuning geniuses at High Horse Performance (the same shop that tuned many of the record-setting Hellcat cars) in pursuit of the world record for the quickest Dodge Magnum. Last weekend, that goal became a reality, as hot-shoe Gary Rhudy blasted down the track in Maryland in just 8.56 seconds at 155.6 miles per hour. That beats Robert Lambs record of 8.62, making this black wagon the quickest Magnum in the world.

The Car

I had a chance to speak with Gary Rhudy, who drove Jenkins’ Magnum to the record. Those of you who follow our coverage of the Modern Street Hemi Shootout will recognize Rhudy’s name, as he is one of the heavy-hitters in that series – claiming the 12.50 index class championship in 2017 while also winning the “King of Kings” title at the end of the season. Rhudy knows how to get down the track in a hurry, and that was why Jenkins tapped him to make the record run.

Jenkins MAgnum

Rhudy explained that this 2006 Dodge Magnum was built and tuned by High Horse Performance. Under the hood is a 404-cubic inch BES-built engine with a stock block, ThiTek cylinder heads, an HHP custom grind camshaft, a ported 6.1 intake manifold and a ProCharger F1A94 supercharger. The power is sent through a TH400 transmission and a Driveshaft Shop 9-inch rear differential to the 275mm MT tires on 15-inch wheels. With Rhudy in the car, this Magnum tips the scales at 3,875 pounds, so it is by no means a lightweight machine, but that doesn’t stop it from laying down incredible times.

The Record Run

On the record run, Gary Rhudy and Nate Jenkins’ 2006 Dodge Magnum pulled a 1.25 60-foot time (for those who aren’t familiar enough with drag racing to know – that is an incredible number) en route to an 8 th mile time of 5.468 at 127.45 miles per hour. After crossing the 1000-foot marker in just 7.138 seconds, the supercharged Dodge wagon stopped the top end times with an 8.563 at 155.60 miles per hour.