1. CHIPS Chip shortages continue, with Windsor (minivans) getting production cuts, but Ram 1500 Classic starting back up again. The shortages, which are due to the Texas freeze/power outages, a plant fire in Japan, and COVID shutdowns, have affected all automakers; Ford seems to have taken a bigger hit than most, while Toyota, which manages its supply chain to the very end, has been relatively unscathed. Because cars and trucks use full modules which are assembled from smaller parts—which are sometimes assembled from even smaller parts, and so on—a disruption in the supply chain can take months to appear. What’s more, some of the interruptions, which are also affecting industries outside automotive, may not be fully resolved for at least another year.

2. FREEDOM Jeep announced that every 4x4 it makes will have a Freedom Edition package; and every one that sells will bring $250 to the USO, which supports those who serve. The Freedom Edition includes large “Oscar Mike” star decals on the hood; black wheels and accents; an American flag decal on each side; and, for Wrangler and Gladiator, an Oscar Mike decal on the tailgate as well. Active and recently-retired military get a $500 bonus when they buy a Jeep.

3 GIORGIO v STLA LARGE According to various quotes from Stellantis leaders, the “Giorgio” and electrified “Giorgio Evo” platform/architecture will continue for Alfa Romeo and Maserati, with new variants to be made—all in the Cassino plant. In the long run, Stellantis will use the newer STLA Large platform for D and E segment cars (Challenger, Charger, Grand Cherokee, and such).

4 YOUTH Dodge has the youngest buyers of car brands sold in the US. Details: Dodge Says It Has The Youngest Buyers In The Business (motor1.com) - discussion at allpar: Dodge Says It Has The Youngest Buyers In The Business

5 LEADERS Stellantis has picked out the top engineers, all of whom will report to Harald Wester (from FCA). Note that advanced engineering covers cars over five years out; Chrysler and other companies had the same groups. Leaders are:
  • Cross car line and project engineering: Patrice Lucas (reports to Wester)
  • Cross car line projects, platforms, modules: Tom Cowing (reports to Lucas)
  • Cross car line projects and propulsion: Christopher Hancke (reports to Lucas)
  • Global core for body, chassis, interior: Giorgio Cornacchia
  • Global core for electrical and electronics: Yvan Agliany
  • Global core for propulsion: Micky Bly
  • Global core for design and integration: Joe Grace
  • Auto research and advanced engineering: Steve Rober
  • Advanced vehicles (vans, sports cars, smaller-than-E): Vincent Basso
  • Advanced vehicles (midsize and large, and pickups): John Mrozowski
  • Subcompact, compact, and midsize: Sebastien Jacquet
  • Sports cars: Ettore Dezza
  • Midsize/large cars and pickups: Alan Strajnic
As a side note, the executives in charge of the largest cars and pickups are from Chrysler, vans and sports cars are from Fiat, and the rest are from PSA. Full story: Europe-Automotive NewsEurope-Automotive News

Finally, as noted earlier, a Jeep smaller than the Renegade is finally in the works, for production in Poland in November 2022. It will be on a Peugeot platform (CMP) and will be made along with new Fiat and Alfa Romeo crossovers. Stellantis plans to release eleven BEVs or PHEVs this year, globally.