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Next Project on 96 G Voyager - AC Related

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Last week most of the R134a refrigerant leaked out of the AC system. After inspection it seems obvious where the leak is. The high side port has some oil residue around it and on the cap. Simply loosening the cap creates a hiss sound.

Chrysler, for some reason, decided to eliminate replaceable valve cores on these Gen III minivans. The repair procedure requires complete replacement of the line. This is the liquid line which includes the 2nd port for the pressure transducer and is the most expensive line of all 3. With my 25% discount on Mopar Parts, I can purchase the liquid line for about $120 which includes sales tax. I would have to pick it up at "will call" at the Tampa warehouse which is about a 50 mile round trip for me. The other alternative was to check the aftermarket parts market and I found that there is one out there distributed by Blue Line. I went ahead and ordered the piece which is $49 + $14 to ship. I don't know anything about the quality but at least it has a replaceable valve core, The unit came with all the needed O-rings plus they threw in a complete package of O-rings for all the fittings on this vehicle. Here is a picture:

Here is a shot of the high pressure port and another picture looking in under the hood. This will be quite a job because it routes under the engine mount and to the dryer which is under the front hood rail which will need to come off. I'm expecting a several hour project to get this done. I know the dryer should be replaced, but I had the system open last year and replaced it then. I plan to hold a vacuum for a couple of hours before recharging. The oil loss appears to be a fraction of an ounce so I'm taking a chance by not adding any. I'll give a final report when the project is done.

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