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Check the following thread (lots of good information regarding the TPMS):

It finally happened to me, bad TPMS sensor....

In short the WCM (Wireless Control Module) will store any TPMS faults.

Also you may have to drive the vehicle up to 20 minutes before the WCM/TPMS registers the tire change. At least that's what it states in the owner's manual of my 2010 Journey.

FWIW - I had the RF TPMS on our Journey literally disintegrate. Temporarily I had a regular (non-TPMS) valve stem installed. Yes, the TPMS light remained on until I had it replaced when I purchased new tires. Had I replaced it right away it would have been $112 to replace the sensor (parts & labor). Saved $40 by waiting to replace it when I purchased new tires.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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